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  • Uslim-O

    • Product code: Uslim-O
    • The firm: Unilumi
    • Screen brightness: 4500/6500 nit
    • Screen border: LED


    Uslim – O


    P3.9 / P4.8 / P5.9


    Better heat dissipation-5℃ lower than average

    Excellent stability and waterproof performance

    Fully front maintenance

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    Product Uslim-O
    Pixel Pitch 2.5mm 3.906mm 4.807mm 5.95mm
    LED Type 3-in-1 SMD SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727
    (Optional SMD1515)
    Brightness 4500 cd/㎡ 5500 cd/㎡ 5500 cd/㎡ 6500 cd/㎡
    (Optional 6500 cd/㎡)
    Weight 33kg/㎡ 31kg/㎡ 32kg/㎡ 32kg/㎡
    Module Dimensions 250*250mm 500*250mm 500*250mm 500*250mm
    Cabinet Dimensions 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm 500*500mm
    500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm 500*1000mm
    Panel material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
    Maintenance Front Front Front Front
    Contrast Ratio 3500:1 4000:1 4000:1 4000:1
    Input Power (Max) 720w/㎡ 670w/㎡ 670w/㎡ 650w/㎡
    Input Power(Typical) 240w/㎡ 224w/㎡ 224w/㎡ 217w/㎡
    Ingress Protection Front IP66/Rear IP54 Front IP66/Rear IP65 Front IP66/Rear IP65 Front IP66/Rear IP65
    Note: Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.
    Power consumption tolerance: ±15%, according to the actual situation.


    DOWLOAD Datasheet  Uslim-O 5000nits 500×1000 V3.1

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