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  • LST Series

    • The firm: Lampro (Unilumin)
    • Size: 6.67mm
    • Screen brightness: 5000 nits


    LST Series

    High cost-effective / Efficient heat dissipation

    Pixel Pitch(mm)

    6.67丨 8丨 10

    Pixel density(pixels/sq.m.)

    22500丨 15625丨 10000


    5500丨 5500丨 6000

    Lighter and Thinner

    Standard: Aluminum profile cabinet + Die-cast aluminum bottom case.
    Light material, and easy to install and maintain.

    Stable Performance

    Superior heat dissipation: power clings to the rear cover of cabinet which is equipped with intensive heat fins.
    High Tolerance of Module: support the normal work at the high temperature of 50°C.

    Upgrade of Appearance

    Integrated aluminum profile cabinet.

    Portable Design

    Simple and easy,
    fast operation,
    more practical,

    Optional Configuration of Brightness and Module Bottom Case

    Optional brightness: meet different visual demands.
    Optional module bottom case: provide a cost-effective solution.

    Support Front and Rear Maintenance and Flexible Installation
    Support Splicing of Right Angles

    Optional regular cabinet and right-angled cabinet.
    Both can be available for splicing of right angles.
    Right-angled solution is possible with single cabinet.
    Flatter without errors in splicing of slits.

    Front and Rear IP66 Protection


    • Version:V20220111
    • Parameter Value

    Physical Parameter

    • Pixel Configuration SMD2727
    • Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.67
    • Pixel matrix per module 72X48
    • Pixel density(pixels/sq.m.) 22500
    • Cabinet Dimensions (WxH)/(mm) 960×960
    • Module Dimensions (WxH)/(mm) 480X320
    • Panel material Aluminum Profile
    • Cabinet weight (kg/panel) 25
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