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  • LSK Series

    • The firm: Lampro (Unilumin)
    • Size: 2.6mm
    • Screen brightness: 5000 nits


    LSK Series

    Stunning Visuals, Unbeatable Value!

    Pixel Pitch(mm)

    2.6丨 2.9丨 3.9丨 4.8丨 5.9

    Pixel density(pixels/sq.m.)

    147456丨 112896丨 65536丨 43264丨 28224


    5000丨 5000丨 5500丨 5000丨 5500

    Fine Pixel Pitch – Brings Your Content to Life

    14-bit grayscale;
    3840Hz refresh rate;
    Ultra-high flatness.
    Attract pedestrians with superior display effect, maximize your outdoor advertisement value.

    Ultra Light, Ultra Slim

    With ultra-thin and light design, LSK is easy to install and integrate with the surrounding environment, and reduce labor and transportation costs.

    Viewing Angle

    Viewing angle H: 160° V: 160°, bigger angle to make sure better viewing experience.

    Excellent Waterproof Performance

    IP65 for superior protection;
    Fully enclosed waterproof design module;
    Waterproof rubber ring(control box);
    Waterproof aviation plug.
    Multiple excellent waterproof designs ensure reliable operation in all working environments.

    Innovative Cooling Design

    Hollow structure cabinet with large air convection area for quick heat dissipation.

    ✱ 50°C environment, 5000nit brightness, aging 1 hour, lamp surface temperature.

    Innovative Cooling Design

    ​The power supply is placed close to the back cover of the control box to speed up internal heat dissipation.

    Reliable Cabinet Design

    Ultra-high Flatness;
    Positioning Pin Design: Avoid damage to the lamp beads due to bumping against the ground.


    Smart Module

    Support storage correction coefficient and readback function, module status detection, module voltage detection, module temperature detection, cable detection, and LED spot detection.

    Meet the demand for high reliability.

    Hassle-free Anti-drop Design

    The industry’s 1st anti-drop structure design,worry-free with double protection design.
    Patented Module Lock & Magnetic Suction.
    One-key reset, quick and easy.

    *For LSK2.6/2.9

    Module Maintenance – LSK2.6/2.9

    Front maintenance.

    Module Maintenance – LSK3.9/4.8/5.9

    Front maintenance.

    Control Box Maintenance

    Step 1: Unlock the lock next to the cover of the control box to open the cover.
    Step 2: Remove the HUB (the power supply and receiving card are fixed to the HUB), and disconnect the connector for power supply. maintenance.
    Step 3: Unlock the screws, then the HUB and receiving card can be maintained.

    Multiple Installation Methods

    Widely used in a variety of applications.
    Ultra-clear, ultra-high-definition, freely customized!


    • Version: V20230209
    • Parameter Value

    Physical Parameter

    • Pixel Configuration SMD1516
    • Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.6
    • Pixel matrix per panel 96×96
    • Pixel density(pixels/sq.m.) 147456
    • Cabinet Dimensions (WxHxD)/(mm) 500×750/1000×82
    • Module Dimensions (WxH)/(mm) 250×250
    • Panel material Die-Casting Aluminum
    • Cabinet weight (kg/m²) 28.6
    • Module weight (kg/panel) 0.74
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