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    One of the challenges facing retailers today is the constantly changing environment: new products are always being launched, online shopping stores are thriving… Meanwhile, consumers are going to physical stores. shopping, visiting, they also want to know more new information about products, discount programs, customer gratitude gifts… There are also many marketing methods deployed by retailers. such as: leaflets, posters, advertising banners….And one of the new trends today is the application of  Digital signage in marketing and internal communication.

    Application Digital signage for retail (Digital signage for retail-DSR) allows businesses to own a more competitive supermarket system compared to competitors, helping to increase sales while keeping administrative costs unchanged. DSR has had great success in the Point-of-Sale segment, in-store TV (In-store TV), fast food restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping centers: Wal mart supermarket system (USA), Tesco TELEVISION.

    However, in Vietnam, businesses have not fully evaluated, nor have taken advantage of this new communication and advertising technology, some retail sectors in Vietnam can apply Digital signage:

    – Supermarket chain of consumer goods, furniture

    – Fast food restaurant system

    –  Electricity and refrigeration supermarket system

    –   Retail system of mobile devices, IT, digital……


    Some images have been applied Digital signage in retail in the world

    At Fashion shop At the duty free bar Tai shop high tech


    Some images have been applied Digital signage in Vietnam

    man hinh 10 inch cho ban le
    Digital Signage at Pico 76 Nguyen Trai Interior display system 10″ screen at Metro-Thang Long



    – Allows the media department to deliver SP content & New services, discounts, promotions, training, setting up on-demand messages to Showrooms are more flexible than traditional Posters via LAN/Internet from HQ (Center)

    – Set up content by channel (K1-DN image, K2- New and featured collection, K3-Promotional discount, hot product, top sale, K4-Entertainment (Weather, breaking news), K5 – TV content, or surveillance cameras are very flexible.

    – Vivid images and sounds create a high impression

    – Help customers see the product in many different contexts.

    – Centralized management, easy content update,  set ON/OFF time on request, set play by day, week, month…, simple user interface

    – Flexible screen layout such as: vertical, horizontal or compound (Videowall) 1×2,2×2,3×1,2×3.

    – Improve revenue and image of the business, introduce more value-added products and services (cross sales, up-selling).

    – Directing customers to the required area


    Referring to Digital signage is referring to a smart marketing tool with the ability to convey  “the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT customer at the RIGHT time”.

    Based on the needs of the market as well as project implementation experience, VDS Company provides a full solution package including:

    + The package solution includes:Screen systemPlayersSoftware, Build content strategy and advertising, implementation and training etc.) for Enterprises.

    + Solution with screen: See detailshere


    For detailed information about Solutions and Products, please contact: sales@vds.vn or HL: 0986.077.868

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