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    Optimized for your 21:9 Display

    Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

    Pana displays come preloaded with SimpleShare, our proprietary collaborative software that enables and simplifies interaction beyond your first impression. SimpleShare delivers a fool-proof experience of one-touch launch to video conference meetings or other collaborative apps including one-touch: whiteboard, presentation, annotation, screen capture and capture share. The user interface is clean, intuitive and visually attractive and without any fuss, you’ll find yourself up and running in just a couple clicks. SimpleShare is designed to specifically take advantage of our 21:9/5K display real estate.

    SimpleShare UX for Enterprise

    The ultra-wide display and widescreen viewing undoubtedly offers an exceptional and improved user experience across enterprise workflows, including:

    • Team collaboration and data visualization
    • Optimal form factor for content viewing & sharing
    • Joint and individual project productivity
    • Improved ergonomics for proper posture without exaggerated reaching high or stooping low from lesser aspect ratios.
    • Modern workspace designs for evolving corporate real estate ecosystems.

    Features of the SimpleShare Interface

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