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  • LMini Series

    • The firm: Lampro (Unilumin)
    • Size: 0.9mm
    • Resolution: 640 x 360
    • Screen brightness: 600 nits


    LMini Series

    Comfortable Viewing Experience / Energy Saving Design / User-friendly Design

    Pixel Pitch(mm)

    0.93丨 1.25丨 1.56


    600丨 600丨 600

    Vivid Display Effect

    LMini is equipped with HDR high dynamic image display technology, which makes the display screen more detailed – brighter places are brighter, dark places are darker, and the contrast between light and dark is more vivid, perfectly restoring the original picture.


    Ultimate Pure Viewing Experience

    EBL+(Enhance black level+)Multilayer optical processing technology:
    Ultimate pure black contents with 10000:1 super high contrast under 600nits brightness;
    Ultra low reflective and touch trace.

    Eye Protection Design

    LMini can minimization health hazards caused by long-term use of the screen, protect the eyes to the greatest extent and make the viewing more comfortable.

    3-in-1 Integrated Design

    The three-in-one high-integration design of power supply, HUB and system card to reduce the retrieval and replacement of various accessories on site and improves the overall efficiency from design, transportation and installation.
    Reduce the use of materials in raw materials, reduce the process in production, and reduce the energy consumption of production equipment.

    Smooth Optical Technology

    LMini adopts a surface light source design, combined with the consistent pattern of chip arrangement and structure, as well as nano-optical material diffusion technology to filter out stray light effects and make the chip emit light evenly, which greatly increases the viewing comfort.

    Ultra Light & Thin

    30% lighter and thinner than conventional cabinets;
    Reduce material usage from raw materials, reduce transportation energy consumption.

    Green Energy Saving

    LMini adopts RGB full flip-chip and common cathode design with larger light-emitting area and lower power consumption;
    P1.5-Maximum power consumption: 200W/SQM; average power consumption: 80W/SQM; power consumption of 0.25 degrees per hour.

    Ultra High Stability

    High Reliability: no welding wire, completely solve the failure caused by welding wire factors, greatly reduce the failure risk caused by metal migration, no SMD pad exposed, lower failure rate.
    High Lumination: higher brightness with the same chip size of the chip, smaller chips with the same brightness requirements.
    High Stability: reduce thermal resistance, efficient heat dissipation, improve device life and color stability.

    Convenient Installation

    Full front maintenance;
    cabless module.


    Widely applied for control rooms, conferences, monitor rooms, exhibition halls, and education.


    • VersionV20230309
    • Parameter Value

    Physical Parameter

    • Model LMini0.9
    • Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.93
    • Cabinet Resolution 640×360
    • Cabinet Size(WxHxD)/(mm) 600×337.5×29.6
    • Module Size (WxH)/(mm) 150×168.75
    • Contrast 10000:1
    • Refresh Rate 3840HZ
    • Viewing Angle 180°
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