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    Digital Signage (DS) is no exception to the fashion industry. In recent years, many world famous fashion and cosmetic brands have appeared in Vietnam such as Dior, Gucci, Channel, Burberry.vv. , Nem, Alcado, ELISE, etc

    The application of new technologies in communication and brand image building has been paid more attention. In which, Digital signage has been widely deployed and used by foreign companies, and brought into play many effects.


    Video wall system Custom design screen according to interior requirements


    In Vietnam, many brands have also focused on implementing Digital signage for their showrooms, the investment is at the level of installing LCD TV screens that broadcast TV content or run Video clips, not focusing on methodical investment. such as: Digital Signage Player allows to display many different information areas, automatically ON/OFF, edit and update information simply via LAN/Internet.

    In addition, many businesses use traditional posters, below are illustrations.

    Traditional poster (static) Digital (Animated) Poster


    – Allows the media department to deliver SP content & New services, discounts, promotions, training, setting up on-demand messages to Showrooms are more flexible than traditional Posters via LAN/Internet from HQ (Center)

    – Set up content by channel (K1-DN image, K2- New and featured collection, K3-Promotional discount, hot product, top sale, K4-Entertainment (Weather, breaking news), K5 – TV content, or surveillance cameras are very flexible.

    – Vivid images and sounds create a high impression

    – Help customers see the product in many different contexts.

    – Centralized management, easy content updating, simple user interface, setting ON/OFF time on demand.

    – Flexible screen layout such as: vertical, horizontal or compound (Videowall) 1×2,2×2,3×1,2×3.

    – Improve revenue and image of the business, introduce more value-added products and services (cross sales, up-selling).

    – Directing customers to the required area


    Based on market demand as well as project implementation experience, VDS Company provides a total solution package including: Screen systemPlayersSoftware, Build content strategy and advertising, implementation and training .v.v ) for your business.

    In addition, VDS offers packages Solution for customers who already have a TV screen , Video wall ( Videowall)Interactive.


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