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Digital Signage Hardware
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All of our hardware is non-proprietary with full manufacturer warranties. We can also work with your existing equipment and integrate our software and/or content into existing systems. When it comes to hardware, we are creative and flexible.



The “parts” of a digital signage project can become a tangled web of technologies if not understood as standalone elements and then as a whole. “The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage” provides clarity and a way to connect the dots on any and all digital signage projects. Keep in mind that every digital signage system contains all of the 7 Key Elements in one form or another and if ignored, can become the weak link in the chain.

Below are major project questions broken down into ”The 7 Key Elements of Digital Signage.” By answering each one, you increase your knowledge about the requirements of a project and you increase your probability of success.


  • Will the players be mounted in or behind the displays, or in a data closet?
  • How exactly will the displays and appliances be mounted?
  • How many hours a day will the screens be in use?
  • Based on display locations, will you have potential security issues?
  • Do you want to remotely control the display(s)?
  • Will you need to protect screens and equipment from dust, debris, and the elements, as well extremes in temperature or moisture?
  • Will your digital signage installation meet all local and federal codes and requirements?


  • Are you considering a hosted or software as a service (SaaS) solution or a single purchase licensed software solution?
  • Do you want to display information crawls or RSS news feeds to audiences?
  • Does the player software support this?
  • Is the system capable of generating automated e-mail alerts in case of system and/or screen failure?
  • Does the system perform status checks of connected devices and log content play out for reporting purposes?
  • Will touch screens be used in your application, and will the software support them?


  • What is the network configuration?
  • Are there any bandwidth limitations?
  • Will you be sharing a network with other applications outside digital signage?
  • Who specifically will be responsible for installing the equipment and connecting it to the network?
  • For screens located far from a source, what kind of signal distribution are you considering?
  • Are you looking to integrate video from another source into your content feed?
  • Will you be locating signage in an island kiosk or aisle end caps?
  • How do you plan to distribute audio as well as serial control signals?


  • Are there existing content resources to draw from?
  • Who will be responsible for the overall “look and feel” of the content?
  • Do you have graphic designers on staff or the services of a design firm?
  • Can suppliers, vendors, or partners of yours help supply content?
  • Will you need to add audio with your content?
  • Is audio permissible in the environment that you have chosen for the digital signage system?


  • Will you have a single person administer or multiple people who require passwords and permissions for any specific content?
  • Will you need to integrate additional building operations, such as paging, security, or fire alarms into the digital signage?
  • Will you have someone on-staff to troubleshoot issues and be dispatched to get a screen or player up and running?
  • Are their provisions for proper system backup for operation and storage of content?
  • Have you properly estimated the amount of time it takes not to just implement a system, but also manage it and update it with fresh, relevant content later?


  • Who is the intended audience/viewer?
  • What information do you want to communicate?
  • Are you looking to deploy the signage in more than one location?
  • Looking to deploy your digital signage internationally?
  • Are you planning an incremental roll-out?
  • Do you have a lead person designated to evaluate and test the system?


  • What is the timeline for judgment and what are the repercussions for failure or success?
  • Is the digital signage system based on ROI?
  • Is the digital signage system based on attainment of objectives, aka ROO, and if so, what is the business plan and strategy?
  • Are there participating partners in the project and if so, what is the division of responsibilities and metrics of completion of tasks?

Digital signage

Digital signage

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