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    Intuitive, easy to use

    VDS interactive software solution package (iVDS-Soft) helps implement many functions, intuitive graphics help customers find the desired place quickly, whether it is a building or a complex of buildings , an intuitive navigation and positioning solution that helps users pinpoint their exact location, even though they’ve never been here before.

    iVDS-Soft provides applications that support step-by-step, intuitive operation, allowing printing of road maps, effects graphics, 3D maps integrated with smartphones via QR code, SMS.

    Functions are built-in in iVDS-Soft software modules, allowing quick content creation and editing without wasting additional time and money.

    Products are designed and placed in a variety of locations simply managed through the web platform, content is set up and updated on a schedule. Interactive technology allows users to access more information based on the provided content scenario.

    VDS’s WF Professional Services team works directly with clients who desire assistance with the design and implementation of their Wayfinding maps and visuals to create an unmatched wayfinding experience that functions as an extension of the client’s architectural and graphical standards.

    VDS’WF offers several Wayfinding options, including:

    • Interactive Wayfinding: Guide your visitors with enhanced functionality—like step-by-step directions, directional paths and printable walking directions.
    • Dynamic Wayfinding: Dynamically direct visitors throughout your facility with animated directional icons.
    • Static Wayfinding: Provide an easy reference for visitors with an electronic map.
    • 3D Wayfinding: Create a realistic representation of your office to more effectively familiarize guests with your space.
    • Mobile Wayfinding: Remove the need for signage at every corner by using SMS or QR codes to send turn-by-turn directions to your users’ mobile device.
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