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    Mobile communication company (VMS) is a State-owned enterprise belonging to Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) Established on April 16, 1993, VMS has become the first enterprise to exploit this service. mobile communication GMS 900/1800 with Mobifone brand, marking the beginning of mobile communication industry…

    Introduction to VMS2

    Mobile Communications Company (VMS) is a State-owned enterprise under the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT). Established on April 16, 1993, VMS has become the first enterprise to exploit GMS 900/1800 mobile communication services with the brand MobiFone, marking the beginning of Vietnam’s mobile communication industry. . MobiFone’s field of activity is designing, building, developing networks and providing new services for mobile information.

    MobiFone is the first and only mobile network provider in Vietnam (2005-2008) loved by customers, voted for the best mobile network award of the year at the Vietnam Mobile Awards. organized by Echip Mobile magazine. Especially in 2009, MobiFone was honored to receive the Best Mobile Network Award 2008 by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam.

    Some pictures VDS has installed dedicated screens at the project:

    Hotline for consultation: 0888.33266.5/(024) 32,001,777 VND

    Hotmail: info@vds.vn

    For more details, please see at : VDS’s Facebook

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