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    Introducing Videowall (wall screen)

    Videowall, commonly known as a video wall, allows to combine screens (specialized screens, normal screens) together to form a video wall.
    a large screen block. The biggest record of video wall installed in Suntec City Singapore with 664 Full HD LED screen.


    So in Vietnam, what have customers used Videowall for? In Vietnam, it was used a lot in the middle
    monitoring control center such as: Traffic, TV station, power plant…

    Today with a more reasonable cost, many businesses have used Videowall to advertise products and services,
    Enterprise image communication with the advantages of large screen block, low cost, high image quality, border (bezel)
    the screen is getting thinner, highly customizable, quick to install… When installing the system, the videowall can also create an image
    good about enterprises.

    At VDS, we consult, provide solutions, implement and train overall depending on the needs and purposes of the customer.
    Customers, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Digital Signage, we are committed to bringing you
    solutions for the right needs and exploiting high efficiency.

    Below are the videowall layouts that customers often use in advertising, communication,
    control and monitoring center:

    1. Basic Videowall

    Videowall 1×2/2×1- Videowall 1×2/2×1 Videowall 1×3/3×1- Videowall 1×3/3×1
    Videowall 1×4/4×1- Video wall 1×4/4×1
    Videowall 1×5/5×1- Video wall 1×5/5×1
    2. Traditional videowall 2×2/3×3/2×3/3×2/3×4/4×3
    Videowall 2×2- Video wall 2×2 Videowall 2×3- Video wall 3×3
    Videowall 2×3/3×2- Màn hình ghép 2×3/3×2 Videowall 2×4- Màn hình ghép 4×3
    3. Videowall tùy biến
    4. Application field
    – Fashion/retail/automotive showroom etc
    – Public area…
    – Train station, bus station
    – Shopping mall/shopping mall/mega mall
    – Headquarter
    – Museums, libraries
    – Bars, discos
    – Hotels, resorts
    5. Deployed project
    Eva de Eva Fashion Chicland Fashion Hai dang plaza
    To better understand Videwall like: what layout, what is the resolution? brightness ntn? Thin or thick border? What software do you run? Which company’s solution is good, how to mount it… Please contact HL: 0986 077 868 for direct sharing and advice.
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