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  • WMN-46VD

    • The firm: Samsung
    • Maximum load: 29kg
    • Recommended TV size: 46''


    A slim, easily configurable wall mount for video wall display.

    A Specially-Designed Mount Offers Dimensional Consistency for Easy Installation

    If there is any discrepancy between the dimensions of a video wall and wall mount, system integrators (SIs) have the painstaking and time-wasting task of measuring the wall mount and calculating the gap to properly size prior to video wall installation. This situation is often experienced with conventional video wall mounting systems, which have not been appropriately sized. For improved setup time and hassle-free installation, Samsung’s new 46-inch (WMN-46VD) and 55-inch (WMN-55VD) wall mounts are specially designed for use with Samsung’s SMART Signage UD/UE Series video walls. As the mounts are sized specifically to the video walls, users only need to install the user-friendly mount first and then fit the video wall into the wall mount. In this way, Samsung’s special wall mount delivers both design and installation simplicity to your business out-of-the-box.

    Finely Adjust Video Walls Across Three Axis Points for Seamless Viewing

    As multiple screens converge as part of large-scale video wall, a minimized bezel gap benefits audiences by providing a seamless viewing experience. Viewer attention is focused on the display’s visual message rather than the display itself for maximized impact. Since the dismantling and reassembly of video walls and mounts to address bezels gaps also can come with a significant time and cost commitment, a reduced bezel gap is a critical purchase consideration for video wall users. To ensure easy adjustment and the elimination of bezel gaps, Samsung’s new video wall mounts provide SIs with enhanced fine adjustment. The wall mounts feature three-dimensional axis adjustment, including x-axis (up and down movement with rotational screws for fine tuning); y-axis (left and right movement for fine tuning); and z-axis (push and pull pop-up capability for effortless installation). By being able to finely adjust video walls across three axis points, users can effortlessly align individual displays to form a continuous and gap-free presentation.

    An Industry-Leading Slim Depth Enhances your Business Environment

    Samsung’s advanced video wall mounts offer an industry-leading slim depth of 39mm to enhance your business environment. Typically, video walls require the utilization of various accessories, including wall mounts, source cables and power cables, which can create a cluttered installation area and visual distraction. With an optimized slim depth, Samsung’s wall mounts help maintain a clean installation area by hiding cables behind an enhanced space-saving design. Similarly, the slim depth keeps the video wall more closely aligned to the mounting wall for cleaner lines that reinforce your business’ sophisticated design aesthetic.

    Expand Presentational Flexibility through Landscape and Portrait Support

    With conventional mounting systems, video wall users are provided a specific mount for landscape and portrait orientations. Instead of requiring the utilization of multiple individual and costly wall mounts, Samsung’s versatile wall mounts for UD/UE Series video walls support both landscape and portrait orientations. This expanded support enables the transformation of each wall mount to accommodate either usage format, which removes the content utilization, cost inefficiency or design installation limitations experienced with traditional mounting options. As part of promoting a simplified installation process, users also can easily adjust Samsung’s wall mounts to the orientation mode that best suits their business and content needs.

    General Info

    • VESA compatibility600×400, 400×600, 400×400
    • SBB/PIM compatibilitySupported
    • Touch Overlay compatibilityNot Supported
    • Installation orientationLandscape and Portrait
    • Dimension (required footprint in space and floor) (W*H*D, mm)1022.0 x 539.8mm (Landscape), 576.6 x 539.8mm (Portrait)
    • Weight (kg)10.4 kg
    • Minimum wall thickness (mm)39.9mm
    • Max load (kg)29.0 kg
    • Recommended UsageStandalone
    • MaintainabilityPush-Pull type
    • Tilt/SwivelN/A
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