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    Elevates the power of displays to enhance any business

    MagicINFO™ is an all-in-one solution supporting content, device and data management. From content creation to publication and monitoring, users can manage content and devices on a single platform. MagicINFO™ 9 can analyze playback data and even sales data together to provide marketing performance report.

    Bring content to life with intuitive, powerful functionality

    MagicINFO™ is built from three main components that work together to deliver full-scale communications: Author, Server and Player. With Author, interact with easy-to-use content creation tools within an intuitive interface. Server provides comprehensive content management for easy scheduling, playlist arrangement and content distribution. Player enables content to be played in nearly any format without the use of external software or hardware.

    Discover the difference of MagicINFO™

    Industry-leading security

    To protect customers against new security threats, Samsung specifically sought ISO* certification as it is the mostly widely recognized and used security standard today. After an extensive review process, Samsung was ISO27001 and ISO27701 certified. MagicINFO is the 1st solution in the signage industry to acquire the both certifications. MagicINFO provides the highest level of security in the digital signage industry and is officially recognized worldwide.

    *ISO: International Organization for Standardization

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