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    In Vietnam, MobiFone is one of the three largest mobile networks. MobiFone has built a solid foothold in the domestic telecommunications market when it is a solid brand in awards and rankings voted by prestigious domestic and international organizations for many years.

    Possessing a diverse technology ecosystem and modern synchronous infrastructure, MobiFone has always been a leader in mobile network quality in Vietnam.

    For many years in a row, MobiFone has been voted as “The mobile network with the best customer service and care”, “The most popular mobile network” in Vietnam with preferential services and programs to bring about the best customer satisfaction and experience.

    Not only bringing high quality products and services, MobiFone is also interested in community-oriented activities, sustainable development, accompanies with major social guidelines and policies of the Party and Government. Every year, MobiFone organizes social security and community development programs, helping hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged people across the country.

    In its long development journey, besides the success marks, MobiFone also faces many challenges. MobiFone always makes persistent efforts in perfecting products; continuously modernize technology applications to improve service quality, meet the needs of people – businesses – society, ready to enter a new era of digital transformation.


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