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    Currently, some banks have applied Digital Signage in branches and transaction offices to broadcast information and products and services of the Bank, because currently the bank’s IT department is using ordinary computers to communicate. Play content via web browser or use Power point to present and use remote control software to control such as Teamview, VNC.vv. Therefore, the above system has some limitations as follows:

    – Difficult to update content

    – Take time

    – Inability to centrally manage

    – Can’t monitor the operating status at the PGD and CN (many screens are off)

    – No auto On/OFF capability

    – Unable to set broadcast schedule for many different content (cannot run marketing campaign throughout the system)

    – System hangs often

    To solve the disadvantages on VDS provides a package solution including:

    – Hardware (monitor, player, mount, signal splitter, mount, etc.)

    – Software (content broadcasting PM, management software PM, content design PM, reporting PM…)

    – Content (combined with the communication department to build a communication strategy)

    – Training (Operating and exploiting the system effectively)

    – Evaluate

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