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    Every day, schools, colleges and universities are switching from a static board to a digital one to inform, educate, and alert activities. of the school to students and stakeholders. This information channel is mainly deployed in the old news area of the school, high-traffic areas such as the cafeteria, classroom, library and corridor area, the school’s communication channel is the bridge between students with schools and departments.

    +EChannel channel content:

    • Scholarships of students-students of the school, scholarships of other units
    • Information about excellent students, achieving high results in study, training and other activities (Union, Party team, Sports, culture, ….) of the school</li >
    • Information about study schedule, change schedule, types of documents
    • Information about school activities
    • Information  about the school, the team of Professors, Assoc., Honorable Mentors
    • Information about businesses that have signed with the school on jobs for students
    • Information about part-time jobs for students, about recruitment of enterprises
    • The contact address between the business and the school helps businesses easily access the school
    • Information about lecturers, staff, security guards, library
    • Information about undergraduate, graduate, 2nd degree, …
    • Information about exam schedule, study outline
    • Schedule to borrow textbooks, register for credits, …
    • School’s plan, school’s diplomacy
    • School-related, cultural, recreational, and cultural activities
    • Datastore for students, students, teachers to exchange, learn, share, ….
    • Recruitment Channel
    • Scientific Research Project

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