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    Effectively apply digital signage in internal and customer communication.

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    For organizations such as corporations, corporations, factories, multinational companies, the application of Digital signage brings many benefits.
    Many corporations have used Digital signage solutions for their businesses such as: GM, Shell Gas, Toyota,  Johnson & Johnson .v

    Digital Signage is understood as an independent TV channel of enterprises that allows businesses to set up content according to their needs, transmit content through
    network environment, telecommunications, real-time update data, simple operation, automatic process of turning on and off and setting up broadcast content.


    Below are some images of digital signage applications at locations in the business.

    3×3 VideoWall at the front desk LCD Vertical at the elevator LCD display in living room Kdining area
    Johnson & Johnson, USA Digital signage in meeting rooms Digital signage at the aisle Outdoor

    + Benefits of applying Digital Signage:

    – Effectively communicate vision, mission and values to employees, customers and partners.
    – Distributing information about major achievements, activities, and development stages
    – Convey information about innovation, breakthroughs and new technologies.
    – Integrate real-time news (Company news, birthdays, stock information, training, daily meeting schedules, occupational safety reminders… to offices, factories…
    – Very flexible via LAN/Internet).
    – Centralized management, easy content update, set ON/OFF time on demand, play by day, week, month…, simple user interface.
    – Flexible screen layout (vertical, horizontal, Videowall(composite) 1×2,2×2,3×1,2×3, 3×3,3×5, etc.).

    + About the solution

    – Flexibility in business requirements

    – Centralized control, operation and management

    – Easily expand to any region, even in remote locations (multinational company)

    – Instant and real-time content changes

    – Integration with surveillance camera system in case of emergency.

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