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Professional, high-definition outdoor displays for a dramatic impact

SL46B is the ideal solution for most window display environments with flexible features and high brightness.

People who need

  • LFDs with high-brightness, high-contrast screens
  • Increased durability for harsh outdoor conditions

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As demand grows for outdoor digital signage solutions, manufacturers continue to innovate and improve the way that SMART signage features and construction withstand fluctuating environmental conditions. Samsung outdoor LFDs are built to last, offering innovative technology, streamlined design and sturdy construction. With high-brightness, high-contrast screens designed to meet the demands of harsh outdoor environments, Samsung outdoor LFDs are suitable for virtually any digital signage application. With their narrow bezel, the Samsung SL46B can also be linked together to create an almost seamless video wall.


Đặc điểm

Super High Brightness

The panel on Samsung Semi-Outdoor LFDs are highly bright for clear image and enhanced readability.Samsung LFDs are much brighter than conventional screen and deliver excellent visibility even under the brightest lighting conditions.With sharper vivid more vivid images your messages will attract more attention and break through the clutter.

Optimised for Your 24/7 Business

With Samsung’s innovative technology your message can be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Samsung Semi-Outdoor series utilises innovative cooling technology that improves heat dissipation while lowering internal temperatures. This allows you to run the LFD for 24 hours a day over longer periods without requiring costly servicing or maintenance.

Sunglasses Free

Because LCD panels use a polarized film, passers-by wearing sunglasses also coated in a polarized film can’t always see what was being displayed on the screen.
The two polarized films cancelled each other out. But now Samsung have developed new panel coating that overcomes this problem – allowing everybody to see your message clearly.

Slim Bezel Maintains Image Smoothness

The slim bezel of just 12mm removes any distractions from your sight to provide a greater surface area, which can be useful when creating a video wall in a shop window. It allows your content to shine through with less distractions or obstructions.

Full HD of 1929x1080 Resolution

Samsung Semi-Outdoor LFD Full HD models are naturally eye catching and demand attention. The rich colour and dramatic depth of detail contained in the images provides the perfect platform for a high visibility, high impact digital display.

Embedded Media Player

In your day-to-day work it’s a constant challenge to make sure your sales or educational messages are noticed quickly, with maximum impact.
With the built-in media player for your Samsung LFD, you can elevate your display capabilities more than you ever thought possible.
Built within a microchip the media player has a CPU with a powerful processing speed and an impressive cache size. This means you can store and play advertisements, instructional films and animatics quickly and conveniently.

Built-in Speaker

Maximise impact with a great picture twinned with ultra-crisp audio. The powerful built-in speakers will allow you message to be heard loud and clear while saving you the cost and space of having to purchase and install separate speakers.

Configure to up to 100 Displays

Ensure your customers see the best across multi screens.
Digital loop out produces a single image without any loss of quality, and there’s no need for a separate video signal distributor. It’s easy to install and the most cost-effective way to connect multiple displays – up to an impressive 100 displays at once.

Multi Control via RJ45/RS232C

The Samsung Semi-Outdoor series features an upgraded Multi Display Control solution that lets you control a large number of displays through their embedded RS232 or RJ45 interfaces.
Easy and intuitive to use, you can control displays over short and long distances.

High Performance Optional PC

Customise the content of your LFD solution with the optional Slide–in-Module (SIM) feature to meet your unique needs.
Run content from a PC quickly and easily by simply sliding the PC in and out of the display without having to dismantle the unit from the wall.

Display Port Interface

The Samsung Semi-Outdoor series includes professional Display Port interface enables high performance multi-display control without the need for a distributor over longer distances.
(2 times longer than DVI)

Smart Scheduling

Keep your display running efficiently at all times. This Samsung LFD boasts a smart scheduling feature. The automatic power on/off function allows you to designate time, day, volume, input source and holiday dates.

Thông số kỹ thuật



Set Dimension (W x H x D)(mm) : 1049.4 x 602.6 x 125 mm





Model: 47LH50YR  |  SKU: 47LH50YR | Độ phân giải: 1.920 x 1080 | Độ tương phản: 80,000:1 | Trumotion 200Hz | Độ sáng: 500cd/m2 | Thời gian đáp ứng: 4ms

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