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VXDS-1062: 10-inch All-in-One, Power-over-Ethernet,
Customizable Bezel and Motion Sensor

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VXDS-1062 One-wire Cloud Signboard - Power-over-Ethernet
for extremely easy installation



  • Retail shelf space
  • Office reception desks
  • Hospitality/welcome signs

The VXDS-1062 One-Wire Cloud Signboard is the industry's first device integration "Power-over-Ethernet" technology, vastly reducing cost of installation by combining power and networking into just one wire. This unique feature makes it extremely simple to install large number of shelf-edge digital displays. In addition, it greatly simplifies installation for digital signage next to meeting room and classroom doors.

Simplifed deployment

One of the greatest cost in digital signage comes from installation and maintenance. IAdea's unique Power-over-Ethernet technology makes it easy to install digital signage on the packed retail shelf space and outside of meeting rooms and classrooms.

Once the devices are installed, IAdea's large partner ecosystem enables cloud-based management via dozens of approved professional management software options. Device hardware features solid-state storage and advanced low-power computing technology, providing higher reliability for large project deployments. The ability to perform content, configuration, application, and even firmware updates over the cloud greatly reduces maintenance cost during the life cycle of large content networks.

Fully tailored design

In a compact unit designed for easy table-top placement or mounting, the device packs the latest HTML5 and SMIL open content technology to support rich content including video, audio, graphics and high-quality fonts. Dynamic scripting in JavaScript allows integration with live data sources from back-end databases and live social networks.

The device features a detachable and replaceable front bezel, allowing you to provide custom-designed artwork to fully embrace the customer's design theme. This unique design gives you unmatched advantage over the competition.

Sensors for rich programming

Built-in motion sensor and touch buttons allows the unit to deliver the right content depending on whether the viewer is a passer-by or an engaged captive audience. Using the Google Android API, the device allows users to develop custom advanced applications including interactivity, real-time analytics and rich peripheral programming.

Giới thiệu sản phẩm

VXDS-1060  Digital  Signboard  is  a  10.1”  all-in-one

digital signage display  with dedicated signage features for

commercial  deployment.  It  combines  the  power  of

HTML5,  the  interoperability  of  SMIL,  and  is  compatible

with  most  leading  management  solutions.  Special

hardware  features  make  the  device  especially  suited  for

digital signage.

ONE wire installation via PoE+

Harnessing  years  of  experience  in  large  digital  signage

networks,  the VXDS-1062  is  designed  with  robustness  in

mind. It utilizes state-of-the-art Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

technology  for  delivering  power  and  connectivity  i n  one

wire,  significantly  reducing  the  cost  and  risks  during

digital signage deployment.    System storage utilizes 4GB

of  dedicated,  shock-resistant  solid  state  memory,  capable

of holding hours of multimedia content without the risk of

crashing.  A  hardware  watchdog  timer  ensures  that  in  the

rare  event  of  failure,  the  device  automatically  recovers

without human intervention.


  ONE wire installation via PoE+

  Interactivity via motion sensor and

touch buttons

  Optimized for HTML5 and leading

management solutions


Interactivity via motion sensor and touch buttons

Interactivity  allows  your  content  to  leave  a  lasting

impression  with  the  viewer.  The  VXDS-1062  features  a

motion sensor and six blinking touch buttons to facilitate

interactivity with your viewers. The built-in motion sensor

detects a person in front of the device to trigger playback.

The touch buttons can be programmed to take user inputs

and  engage  them  with  your  interactive  message.  In

addition, the replaceable front bezel can be  tailor made  to

match the theme of your campaign.





Suitable for

  Meeting room/classroom door signs

  Table-top and shelf-edge signage

  Branded product promotions

  Museum and library information

  Interactive video display



Optimized for HTML5 and management solutions

Digital  signage  increasingly  depends  on  dynamic  content

to  attract  the  viewers.  The  VXDS-1062  is  optimized  for

displaying dynamic content retrieved via the Internet, be it

from  RSS  feeds,  news,  weather,  financial  stats,  sports

scores,  or  even  social  network  updates.  In  addition,  the

device  works  with  most  leading  digital  signage

management software and SaaS services in the industry via

the W3C  HTML5 and  SMIL open standard. It opens you

to  myriad  of  great  and  proven  solutions  to  ensure  the

success of your digital signage project.

Video demo touch fuction :

Video demo PoE ( Power over Ethernet-Chỉ cần sử dụng nguồn qua đường cổng mạng LAN) :

Video demo auto-rotate ( tự động xoay màn hình ):

Model: 47LH50YR  |  SKU: 47LH50YR | Độ phân giải: 1.920 x 1080 | Độ tương phản: 80,000:1 | Trumotion 200Hz | Độ sáng: 500cd/m2 | Thời gian đáp ứng: 4ms

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