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Samsung-DME Series

Elevate your business branding and messaging with powerful, compelling signage

Professional-grade digital signage that reliably delivers rich content 24/7 with 2015’s new MagicInfo solution.

People who need

  • to appeal to customers with superior, high-brightness images on a reliable display.
  • to quickly and easily manage a vast range of dynamic content with a cutting-edge, built-in media player.
  • to remotely operate and maintain multiple displays conveniently and economically.

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Enhance your brand image and messaging with Samsung DME Series SMART Signage professional-grade displays. With vivid picture quality, high-brightness screens (450 nit) and exceptional 24/7 durability, DME displays offer the functionality you need to promote your business.

Powered by the enhanced 3rd Generation Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP), DME Series displays deliver rich content without an additional PC or media player. Samsung’s MagicInfo Player S3 is also equipped with a range of intuitive features, such as decorative icons, drag and drop functionality and various fonts, and with Samsung’s convenient mobile app, you can manage your digital signage from virtually anywhere through a smart phone or tablet.

Key Spec


Panel Type 60Hz D-LED BLU Contrast Ratio


Other: 5000:1

Resolution 1920 X 1080(FHD) Bezel Width

DM32E:10.5 (Top/Side), 15.0 (Bottom)

DM40E,DM48E,DM55E: 9.5 (Top/Side), 15.0 (Bottom)

DM65E:18.0 (Top/Side), 23.5 (Bottom)

DM75E:12.0 (Top/Side), 17.3 (Bottom)


DM32E: 400

DM40E,DM48E,DM55E,DM65E,DM75E: 450



DM65E, DM75E: N/A


DM32E: Analog D-SUB, DVI-D(HDMI Common)

DM40E,DM48E,DM55E,DM65E,DM75E:Analog D-SUB, DVI-D(HDMI Common), Display Port 1.2


DM32E: HDMI1 Component(CVBS Common)

DM40E,DM48E,DM55E,DM65E,DM75E:HDMI1, HDMI2(except KR, NA) Component(CVBS Common)

AUDIO Stereo mini Jack
USB USB 2.0 x 1



AUDIO Stereo mini Jack
EXTERNAL CONTROL RS232C(in/out) thru stereo jack, RJ45


Key Features


Sizing options DME displays come in a wide range of sizing option, allowing them meet various business needs while enhancing ambiance with their chic and streamlined appearance. Available sizes: 32’’, 40’’, 48’’, 55’’, 65’’, 75’’
High brightness (450nit) Captivate viewers with crystal-clear images that are visible in a range of lighting environments.
Designed for 24/7 operation Communicate to customers 24/7 with increased durability and reliability.
3rd Generation Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) 3rd Generation SSSP is an integrated System on Chip (SoC) media player that streamlines digital signage configuration and management by eliminating the need for an additional PC Unit. 3rd Generation SSSP comes equipped with a powerful Quad Core processor and 8GB of storage for convenient, easy usage, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, rich, high-resolution media content and lowered TCO.
New MagicInfo Player S3 Samsung’s MagicInfo Player is a built-in content creation solution that allows you to manage promotional materials quickly and easily. The latest version, MagicInfo Player S3, offers a range of functions designed to increase convenience and customizability:
• Decorative icons, called Stamps and Stickers, which allow you to modify promotions and prices easily
• The new Dynamic Effects feature, which enables transitions between images, such as fades, fly-outs and zooms
• A library of free fonts
Built-in Wi-Fi and enhanced mobile application Simplify content control and enhance efficiency by downloading the MagicInfo S3 mobile app to your smart phone or tablet. The streamlined smart phone application allows you to edit media and create content using one of Samsung’s professional templates. The more powerful tablet version allows you to edit the templates or create content from scratch to fit your specific needs. In both cases, you can connect wirelessly to your media library, allowing you to edit videos and images, then upload and play that content on your SMART signage displays.
Home Screen User Interface (UI) Control digital signage functions easily with a newly designed user interface (UI) that is fully customizable and highly intuitive.
Auto source-switching and recovery Displays automatically switch from one content source to another when the original source fails.
Magic Clone Simplify installation of multiple displays with the Magic Clone function, which allows users to save settings from one display—such as brightness and contrast—and then copy them to other displays with a USB device.
Direct LED screen with narrow bezel and slim depth DME series displays offer a sleek, sophisticated product profile that minimizes visual impact, and the slim, lightweight housing guarantees convenient installation in a range of settings.

Đặc điểm

Achieve your business goals with vivid and reliable digital signage designed for 24/7 operation

DME Series displays deliver industry-leading performance, proven Samsung technology and a wide array of sizing options for adaptable and dependable business usage to meet various business needs. These attributes make DME Series the smart choice for any business or retail establishment. The displays offer durable and extended 24/7 usage to ensure that your business messages are conveyed whenever and wherever they are most impactful. And, with high 450 nit brightness and crystal clear image quality, your promotions and information are sure to captivate viewers. Samsung’s unique Picture Quality Enhancer function optimizes the color, detail, contrast and color temperature for your environment with rich color and detailed textures. Viewing is maximized by eliminating factors that can interrupt visibility from light reflection, and reducing glare and haze to only 2%. Plus, connectivity options are enhanced with two HDMI ports for easier enriched content display.

* Connectivity results and conditions may vary by screen size and geography.




Conveniently and simply manage a rich array of content with an advanced platform

3rd Generation Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP) features a media player embedded inside the display as a powerful Quad Core System on Chip (SoC). 3rd Generation SSSP integrated hardware and software solution streamlines digital signage configuration and management by eliminating the need for an additional PC unit. And, the internal memory enhancement from 4 GB to 8 GB provides robust performance.

Enhanced 3rd Generation SSSP enables you to create, deploy and manage content more easily than the previous version with an enhanced UI and UX. Because 3rd Generation SSSP is an open platform that is compatible with myriad third-party software, it’s flexible and easy to use with other applications.

Easily manage digital signage with a simplified Home UI

Heighten efficiency and productivity with a newly designed Home Menu UI that displays frequently used functions in a new, large-button matrix design. Simplify usage with a selection of customizable menu configurations that allow ready access to repeatedly used menus. Generate content more easily and conveniently than ever with the Home Menu’s newly designed templates for various vertical markets including grocery stores, QSRs, terminals and lobbies. Leverage these sharp, professional template layouts to produce and design content in either portrait or landscape orientation. And, turn the Home Menu into a touch-activated user experience by adding an optional Touch Overlay.

Transform your business messaging with a brilliant, yet simple content creator featuring free fonts, convenient stickers, dynamic effects and a weather widget

Boost revenues with professionally polished display content generated with a content management solution, MagicInfo S3, embedded within the new 3rd generation SSSP. Along with widgets and stickers, the solution provides 6 different types of free fonts in 23 styles. New MagicInfo S3 eliminates single-font formatting limitations with the upgraded ability to select from various free fonts or add your own. Use handy stamps and either preset or self-created, text-editable stickers to update your promotional information and price tags for convenient and straightforward content changes. Create eye-catching transitions with Dynamic Effect, a feature that enables slideshow-type effects, such as fade, fly-on and zoom. Plus, you can leverage a drag-and-drop widget solution to simply add widgets such as AccuWeather that displays daily and weekly weather for the ultimate in professional content presentation.

Manage digital signage wirelessly, virtually anywhere, anytime on a mobile device with an easy-to-use application

Simplify content control and enhance efficiency by using the MagicInfo S3 mobile application on your mobile device to create*, edit and deploy content. Wirelessly connect to easily create content using templates, upload and play material from a mobile device, quickly edit content, and readily use playlist navigation to select and start content playing. Further extend connectivity using embedded Wi-Fi, which provides control and sharing with note PCs, tablets and smartphones.

* Content creation is applicable on tablet devices only.

Engage viewers with an attractive design that is optimized for the environment

Enhance any display environment with a chic and streamlined design and captivating appearance. For convenient and efficient mechanical compatibility, DME Series displays maintain the same stunning design as previous Samsung D-Series SMART Signage. To elevate your décor, the displays feature slim and elegant black hairline deco-bezels or white color deco-bezels.* A flexible, tag-type spacer with a logo is designed for either portrait or landscape installations to create a polished, professional look in any space.

Thông số kỹ thuật

DM32E: Set Dimension (W x H x D)(mm) : 721.4 X 420.3 X 49.9

DM40E: Set Dimension (W x H x D)(mm) : 906.6 X 524.7 X 49.9

DM48E: Set Dimension (W x H x D)(mm) : 1075.1 X 619.4 X 49.9

DM55E: Set Dimension (W x H x D)(mm) : 1230.6 X 706.9 X 49.9

DM65E: Set Dimension (W x H x D)(mm) : 1467.4 x 848.0 x 55.9

DM75E: Set Dimension (W x H x D)(mm) : 1676.2 X 959.5 X 57.7

Model: 47LH50YR  |  SKU: 47LH50YR | Độ phân giải: 1.920 x 1080 | Độ tương phản: 80,000:1 | Trumotion 200Hz | Độ sáng: 500cd/m2 | Thời gian đáp ứng: 4ms

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