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Thiết bị chuyển đổi tín hiệu từ VGA to TV Composite & S-Video Converter



Thông số kỹ thuật



(1)DC 5V To connect PC USB port or DC 5V external power supply
(2)switch Video system PAL/NTSC switch
(3)Video Out To connect Composite Video display
(4)S-Video Out To connect S-Video display
(5)VGA Out To connect PC monitor LCD
(6)VGA In To connect PC Host



(1)(2)(3)(4)up/down/left /right key Click it to adjust the position of output picture.
(5)MENU Click it enter into "OSD". Press it and hold on for 3 seconds to return to default setting
(6)ZOOM Click it to magnify the screen and click it once again to return to normal display

Mô tả sản phẩm

Model: LKV2000

-1 Input: 1 X VGA;
-3 Loop-through Outputs: 1 X VGA, 1 X Composite Video, 1 X S-video;
-PC VGA resolution: 640X480 (60/72/75/85Hz), 800X600 (60/75Hz), 1024X768 (60/75Hz). Higher resolutions are supported, while the lower the resolution is, the better the picture effect will be.
-On Screen Display (OSD);
-Plug and Play. No software driver is needed;
-Both PAL / NTSC are compatible; 
-It is powered by USB port of PC host. When the USB port of the PC host fails to function, a DC 5V external power supply is optional.
-Portable Size: 98mm(L)x58mm(W)x32mm(H).

Note: LENKENG is capable of providing OEM & ODM service as per customer design.

Want to hook up your computer to your TV or projector but your they are without a VGA input?  Then LKV2000 is your solution.  LKV2000 converts PC VGA  to composite (Yellow RCA) and/or S-video TV display signal.  It is with a VGA pass through so that you can keep your computer monitor connected while sending a signal to the TV.  All outputs are loopthrough, display simultaneously.  It is with fine tuning control to adjust the picture to your preference.  It draws power from an available USB port using a supplied USB power cable. No external power supply is needed.

It is a good and cheap solution for family kara OK from PC to TV, and PC to a Optoma Pico PK101.

Câu hỏi thường gặp

1.No VGA Output is displayed.
Please check power supply and all cables are rightly connected.

2.No Composite Video or S-Video output.
Please check the RCA cable and s-video cable is in good condition and rightly connected; and the composite video or s-video display devices are switched to the right mode.

3.VGA output picture is not good. It may be caused by insufficient power from USB port.
Please try to connect a DC 5V external power supply. Or you can try to change PC resolution and refresh ra


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